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Modern legal leaders sit in a uniquely challenging position, having to master three major elements: the law, the business and the business lawyers. Reconciling entrepreneurship with empathy, compliance with commerce, hard data with soft skills. 

We’re asked to play disparate roles, from CLO: Cheap Legal Officer, Statesperson, Salesperson, Psychologist, Archivist of the Past, Predictor of the Future, Keep-Out-Of-Jail-er, Conscience, Executioner and  Best friend.


That’s why we started the Smarter Law Workshops in 2012. To address all of these things in the most practical way possible, focusing on these 3 crucial elements: Share, Analyse then Act. Over 250 successful  transformations of legal careers, in-house departments and law firms provide a process and roadmap for tangible results.

We’ve held closed-door, invitation-only gatherings all the way from Shanghai to San Francisco and literally every major point in between, all beginning with the same agenda: What’s on your mind? It is fascinating to see how similar our challenges are, between business alignment and behavioural change, whether discussed in person or virtually. The Association of Corporate Counsel would now like to extend this unique invitation to you. Once you’ve accepted the invitation, we will send you a copy of the best-selling publication  "Smarter Law: transforming busy lawyers into business leaders" as background for the workshop.

All you have to do is let us know what you want to Share, Analyse & Act upon. What’s on your  mind?

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How do I create an environment of change? Address / persuade / resistance.
How do I implement a target operating model?
Doing More for Less
Training program for personal development
Legal KPIs, particularly quality
Demonstrating value
Organisational design & development
One team culture – going from “them and us” to one team
How do I understand and address my own patterns of resistance to change?
How to balance legal priorities to risk?
How to encourage my team & function to become more proactive than responsive?
How do I fully establish myself in the general counsel role?

Workshop host & adviser

Trevor Faure

Described as “one of the most creative and systematic thinkers about contemporary business law“ by Ben W. Heineman, Jr., Former General Electric General Counsel & SVP.
“one of a handful of dynamic..lawyers who are transforming the legal market…clearly a pioneer” by The Times Newspaper of London
“the professional equivalent of a rockstar” by the Editor in Chief of Legal Success, Russia.

Faure has been a senior lawyer since 1990, hired to deal with existential change and challenge :

  • ​Ernst & Young as Global General Counsel and Global Leader, Legal Services during the 2008 recession

  • Tyco International as part of the turnaround team after the Dennis Kozlowski scandal

  • Dell going from No.7 worldwide to No.1 in the PC market

  • Apple from its loss-making spiral to the Steve Jobs turnaround.

In 2014, Faure formed Smarter Law Solutions, the premier legal management consultancy
In 2018, Thomson Reuters published “Smarter Law: transforming busy lawyers into busy leaders”
“an advanced toolkit, a methodology, for the transformation of legal service” Richard Susskind
“the Holy Grail of business productivity” Ben W. Heineman, Jr.


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