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To transform busy lawyers into business leaders, just ask.

How we do it: unique approach

Smarter Law is performance improvement using world-class behavioural economics. Proven business improvement processes, such as Six Sigma, Agile and Design Thinking are combined with behavioural sciences such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Game Theory - all of which were applied in real-life transformations by the legal leader of some of the World's most renown companies.

Smarter Law - Puzzle Pieces
Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control Cycle

[Smarter Law is]..a set of tools to help reduce costs, increase legal coverage, improve compliance, and increase client satisfaction. [Smarter Law] casts aside the traditional, often fraught, commercial relationship between law firms and their clients and replaces this with a species of partnership arrangement, under which the business interests of the in-house lawyers and their external advisers are much better aligned.

Book: The End of Lawyers - Richard Susskind
Professor Richard Susskind, OBE from “The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services” (Revised Edition, OUP 2008) 

By combining cutting-edge insights from management theory, economics, psychology and linguistics, [Smarter Law] demonstrates how general counsel can collect and apply empirical data to significantly improve their company's legal coverage, while dramatically reducing overall legal costs - all the while raising the satisfaction of business clients and improving relations with outside counsel.

David B. Wilkins, Lester Kissel Professor of Law, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession, Faculty Director of the Program on the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School

Discussing several basic Smarter Law concepts.

For a detailed longform introduction to the Smarter Law approach:

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