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Smarter Law: transforming busy lawyers into business leaders



14. Marriage Without Mutually Assured Dissatisfaction

15. Identifying and Eliminating the Traditional Zero Sum Game

16. The “Win:Win:Win” RFP Process

17. Win3 Fee Structures and Benchmarks

5. How General Counsel Define Their Mission

6. Demystifying Performance Improvement Techniques and Modelling Your Legal Function

7. Transformation Steps: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Control

1. How Does a Lawyer Get Closer to the Business, Demonstrate Value And Become a Trusted Adviser? The Magnificent Seven

2. Why Do We Typically Resist Change, Even Obvious, Necessary Change? The Maleficent Seven

3. Emotional Intelligence, Improving Personal Performance and Satisfaction, a.k.a. Lawyers Are Human Too

4. Artificial Intelligence: The Smartest Legal Professional?


Smarter Law - Puzzle Pieces
Smarter Law - Puzzle Pieces
Smarter Law - Puzzle Pieces
Smarter Law - Puzzle Pieces

8. What’s Wrong with Law Firms? A Solution to Traditional Law Firm Short-Termism

9. The Prizes and Paradoxes of the “New Normal”

10. The New Legal Work Value Chain: Cream, Core & Commodity Plus Consulting, Computing & Contractors

11. Modernising Business Development

12. The Evolution of the “Big Four” Professional Services Networks and the Lessons for Law Firms

13. Designing a Legacy-Free Law Firm from First Principles

Smarter Law by Trevor Faure: Transforming Busy Lawyers Into Businss Leaders
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"Based on sound theory and considerable personal experience (the author was the GC of a Big 4 firm), this work gives readers an advanced toolkit, a methodology, for the transformation of legal service"

Professor Richard Susskind, OBE

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