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The fundamental first steps of improving any function is to analyse its performance. Smarter Law Solutions is the exclusive advisory partner of the Association of Corporate Counsel, which produces the largest legal performance benchmarking data set in the World.


Like all products & services, corporate legal department work is a combination of resource inputs and result outputs. The inputs are the quantitative spend on legal expertise (internal and externally), the number of individuals deployed, their qualitative expertise and any consequent liability costs to the business. The outputs are the qualitative and quantitative outcomes: the amount of legal work covered, the levels of compliance achieved and the degree of client satisfaction generated by the manner in which the work is carried out.

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Try Our Virtual Client Satisfaction Survey

Click HERE to try out this demo of a Quality - Client Satisfaction Survey. We can tailor to specify questions that reflect the definition of your legal team's mission. No personal data is required or collected.

ACC Benchmarking

Smarter Law Solutions CEO Trevor Faure, explains the Benchmarking proposition we provide our clients, the ACC partnership and our definitive improvement approach; click this short video.

The ABC of Legal Department Benchmarking

Benchmarking is vital to objectively assess the right level of legal resources, advocate or defend to management and understand what actions are need to reach the right level. But it is a tool, not an "oracle of truth"!   To see how to use this tool for maximum impact, please click on this video.

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