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"..the most thought provoking, relevant and exciting discussion that I have had the privilege to attend."

Alison Lazerwitz, Head of Corporate Legal & General Counsel, Swarovski Corporation AG.

Traditional legal seminars are predominantly one-directional: experts set forth their views following a pre-set agenda and prepared handouts. Interaction might take place during Q&A, panel discussions or breaks. Each audience member must seek out content that applies to their individual needs, if there is any.  If the traditional legal seminar is like a group coach tour, the Smarter Law Workshop is like providing you with your own sat-nav and vehicle for you to reach your chosen destination from your individual starting point.  We empower and equip attendees to:


See this short explainer video (best read in landscape or full browsers):

So the only subject you need to consider in advance and address on the day with us is: 

What’s on your mind?

Here are some of the answers from previous Workshops around the World



How do I create an environment of change? Address / persuade / resistance.
How do I implement a target operating model?
Doing More for Less
Training program for personal development
Legal KPIs, particularly quality
Demonstrating value
Organisational design & development
One team culture – going from “them and us” to one team
How do I understand and address my own patterns of resistance to change?
How to balance legal priorities to risk?
How to encourage my team & function to become more proactive than responsive?
How do I fully establish myself in the general counsel role?

Workshop attendee feedback

2012-2014  WW: 75% Excellent + Good

2015-19 WW: 89% Excellent, 100% Excellent + Good. 

USA: 4.2 - 4.6 / 5. 

September 2019

4.75/5. "Inspiring and insightful workshop - loved the open conversations amongst in-house counsel and [the] way of specifically addressing the needs of the audience". 

June 2019

"I had the pleasure of spending a day with [the Smarter Law Facilitator] and several other GCs in San Francisco. Smarter Law is Smarter! I learned a ton". 

March 2019

Content quality: 4.64/5. "Trainer is very engaging" "...worked the room brilliantly", "excellent workshop supported by practical examples"

To transform busy lawyers into business leaders, just ask.

Speaking Engagements

Smarter Law Solutions CEO Trevor Faure is a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the World. For further details, click here.

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